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Johnson & Johnson

Women’s Leadership Initiative

THE BRIEF: Highlight to their 125,000 employees J&J’s commitment to hiring, mentoring and doing business with more women.

THE CHALLENGE: No one watches internal videos, so the bar was pretty low. Ditto the budget. But we had a bigger (and better) idea. And got the money to make it happen.

THE SOLUTION: We created a video series where 8-year old girls interviewed for a job at J&J, mentored fellow employees and interviewed a potential vendor. The clients loved it so much—they wound up using the videos externally too.

THE RESULTS: The videos exceeded all expectations with 5x the engagement, 108k views, and 500K impressions (209k organic)


FUN FACT: They launched the mentorship video at the Forbes Most Powerful Women Summit*—and quickly dominated the Twitter conversation, giving J&J highest SOV (35%) of any event sponsor. Then, months later, our client was at an event with Ivanka Trump. Ivanka remembered the video and told her how much it impressed her. I’m not sure how I feel about that. #resist

Johnson & Johnson - ENTREPRENEUR

Johnson & Johnson - MENTOR

Johnson & Johnson - INTERVIEW